Print a High-Resolution image onto your coffee!

Great for branding, great for building customer loyalty, great for marketing

As seen at the Coffee Cloud stand at the Fine Food Trade Show at the ASB Showgrounds and in the NZ Herald, the Coffee Ripples app and printer uses coffee extract to print a beautiful high resolution image onto your coffee. A whole new dimension to latte art.

Special occasions, logos, messages; anything is possible.

The Ripple Maker will suit hotels and hospitality, coffee chains, restaurants and bars, corporate events and conferences. Coffee Cloud are proud to be the NZ agent.

You can surprise your guests, build customer loyalty, create a talking point for your clients, make a personal occasion even more memorable.

And when your customers share and tag their personalized drinks on social media, that’s a real connection to your brand. 10 seconds isn't a long time to wait to create a memorable moment and put your business on the map.

Events & Conferences

Make your Brand Stand Out

The Ripple Maker is a wi-fi enabled countertop device that prints images on top of a variety of foam-topped drinks.

The Ripple Maker can make ripples in the corporate world. You can use the branded coffees to gain exposure and grow new leads.

Large companies, college campuses, stadiums, and more – the name of the game is ROI, and when your event or conference stand is winning at reach, buzz, creativity and efficiency – you know you made the right call with that Ripple Maker.

Serving drinks with Ripples is the perfect way to stand out over the clutter and get that attention, throughout the event and beyond it.

For Restaurants & Cafes

Increasing Social Interactions

The two most important moments for any restaurant are the first impression and the last impression.

When you hand someone a latte with Ripples on top – whether it’s an image you selected or a message that’s meaningful – it says that you care enough to make every detail count. And little details make a huge impression.

The Ripple Maker can be mastered in minutes so it's easy for your team to use, they simply use their barista skills to create the perfect foam for the image 'canvas'. The amount of coffee extract in the image is negligible so your beverage still tastes the same quality you work hard to produce.

When a coffee is served with Ripples, it becomes more than a cup of coffee – it becomes a fun and exciting experience that makes people come back for more.