Everything you need to go with your coffee machines

Great coffee doesn’t stop at the machine – Coffee Cloud is a coffee cup supplier and has all the coffee equipment and consumables you need to keep costs down, keep the kitchen tidy and enjoy the coffee.

Ordering is easy - fill out our online form and choose what you need. Delivery charges and times will be communicated at time of ordering.

Fresh, smooth coffee beans

Barista coffee machines need coffee beans of different types, to consider a variety of tastes and flavours, and roasted to perfection. In convenient sized bags to keep costs down whilst maintaining freshness of the coffee beans. See our range of coffee beans

Creamy, classic coffee machine hot chocolate

High quality Dutch hot chocolate that is specifically formulated to use in home and commercial coffee machines. Delicious with frothy milk and a melting marshmallow for a sweet pick me up! Select from our Product Range

Biodegradable coffee cups

Clean up the mess in the kitchen with our range of biodegradable coffee cups – the sustainable coffee cups break down over time and the lids can be recycled. Designed specifically for coffee - strong to hold hot liquids and insulated to keep the beverage hot but not burn your hands.

Need branded coffee cups for the office or that special campaign or announcement? We have them too.


Individually wrapped sweet biscuits that go perfectly with a hot cup of full bodied coffee -indulgence makes your day just that bit sweeter! Coming soon.