In the office, café quality coffee is just a press of a button away with a WMF barista coffee machine. It freshly grinds the coffee beans, expertly extracts a shot of espresso, micro-foams and dispenses fresh milk, and serves from the one spout. Your favourite coffee is only a button away.

The size of your machine depends on the number of coffees you need to make each day. The more coffees you need to make, the bigger the capacity of the coffee machine – not necessarily bigger in size but in terms of the number of coffees, the capacity of the hoppers to dispense your coffee and the speed of the coffee making.

Office coffee machines

Be a hit with the employees – a WMF coffee machine is designed to make hundreds of delicious and rejuvenating coffees every day. An office coffee machine, keeps your employees in the office, and productive. No matter how tough their day is, there is always a coffee waiting at the press of a button.

Go on, make their day!