WMF represents superior German engineering

  • Largest global sales & service footprint
  • Industry leading technologies and practices
  • Leads the way in automated coffee


Our Automated Coffee Machines

A premium range of super automatic coffee machines for the professional sector

How many cups of coffee do you need per day?

WMF 1100S
Up to 80 Cups
WMF 1300S
Up to 120 Cups
WMF 1500S+
Up to 250 Cups
WMF 5000S+
Up to 400 Cups
WMF 9000S+
Up to 500+ Cups
WMF Espresso
Up to 500+ Cups
WMF 9000F Filter Coffee
Up to 500+ Cups
wmf world wide coffee beans image

WMF - Trusted Globally

Energy Efficiency

WMF feature independently certified industry leading energy efficiency through their smart eco operating modes and superior engineering.

Minimising Impact

The WMF production process has been carefully refined to minimise environmental impact and has made the range free of lead and nickel.
WMF has ISO 14001 Certification.

Built Better

The WMF range of Super Automatics are made from recycled base materials and are up to 91% recyclable.