Perfect For High Volume Filter Coffee Service

The New WMF 9000F Automatic Filter Coffee machine ensures first - class moments for the mass catering sector. Despite its slim dimensions, the powerhouse impresses with an output of up to 100 Litres per hour, and the boiler also guarantees that coffee lovers never have to wait long for their beverages.

A 10" touch screen with animations gives new levels of easy user control.

Filter coffee is becoming increasingly important again. Not just for catering companies looking for a filter coffee machine but also Hotels & Conference centres in breakfast operations, or banqueting and as coffee lovers are rediscovering the pure cup of coffee.


Unit Specifications

Nominal Output13.5 kw
Max. Hourly outputApprox. 72 / 110 liters
Coffee Bean Hopper(s)Approx. 2.5kg per filling
Mains Power connection3/N/PE - 450V - 50/60Hz
Water ConnectionCWS - 3/8" with isolation
Dimensions (width / height* / depth)450mm / 782mm / 605mm
Empty weight, depending on fittingsApprox. 65kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)**< 70dB (A)

* Height with 4mm feet & with KMP-lid, no lock.

** The A-weighted sound pressure level LpA (slow) & LpA (impulse) in the operating personnel's workplace is always under 70 dBin every mode of operation (A).

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