Excellent Coffee Indulgence,Effortless In Any Environment.

Coffee to Go,Go,Go ! Because Indulgence now has pace.The WMF 5000S+ is our Speciality Super Automatic Coffee Machine for those who live life in the fast lane. It perfectly satisfies the need to provide the fullest range of indulgence and finest quality at maximum speed.

The WMF 5000s+ is a high volume super automatic coffee machine, which produces real espresso based specialty coffee beverages, at the press of a button. It is recommended for a daily volume of 400+ beverages and features all of WMFs industry leading technologies and more.Whether it is a busy conference centre, an up market hotel, the QSR environment or a busy office block the WMF 5000s is the versatile high volume coffee machine for your needs.

Features Include

  • The WMF Easy Milk system gives you unparalleled milk foam and temperature consistency.
  • Automatic Height - Adjustable Spout.
  • 10" Colour Touch Display
  • The WMF Plug & Clean fully automated and HACCP certified milk cleaning system.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel brewing unit & high performance pump
  • Jet Steam cup warmer
  • Practical small - medium - large functions (SML) simply match each desired beverage to the various predefined filling volumes
  • Large removable, lockable, product hoppers


Nominal Power Rating 3.0K
Recommended daily output* Up to 410 cups
Max. hourly output** Up to 220 cups
Coffee bean hopper(s) Up to 1000g
Choc or topping container 1200g
Mains power connection 230V / 1ph / 15amps
Dimensions (width / height / depth) 325mm / 706mm / 590mm
Empty weight, depending on fittings Approx. 37 kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)*** < 70 dB (A)
Continuous Water Connection 3/8" with tap
Waste Connection Within 1m

* Based on the relevant service concept. These average values are for your information only. – Let our trained WMF employees put together a coffee machine solution that is designed to meet your needs. ** Depending on cup size, quality settings and flow. *** The A-rated sound pressure level Lpa (slow) and Lpa (impulse) at the workplace of the staff using the machine is less than 70 dB (A) in every mode. From 5° dKH (carbonate hardness), a WMF water filter must be used. All technical changes, typographical mistakes and errors reserved for the entire contents.

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